January 11, 2017

So, here we are, in 2017 - and I've kicked it off with a lot of projects on my plate! It's quite hard to believe that I have been a freelance illustrator since the Autumn of 2014. In that time I've learnt so much, but still have so much I wish to achieve. But, a life without dreams would be a dull one indeed, so despite being ever impatient and trying to do everything all at once, it's important this year to start to enjoy the journey I'm on.

2016 was a year where a lot of wo...

August 16, 2016

I can smell Autumn in the air, even as i'm clinging to the boiling sunshine of mid August, I can feel my favourite and busiest time of year fast approaching. The run up to the end of October (Frankfurt Book Fair) Then on through until Christmas has previously been incredibly, and exhilaratingly hectic. This year should be no exception. Deadlines are flying at me almost too fast for my mind to comprehend so I'm relishing these rare doodle evenings where I can get my ideas onto paper, and simultan...

April 29, 2016

 For this week's #colour_collective challenge on Twitter, a shade of brown was the colour of choice. I spent most of the week painting and sketching for professional projects whilst simultaneously trying to dream up an idea of something to draw for the Friday 7.30pm post time. I loved the idea of doing a Koala, I haven't drawn one before and I thought it would be a cute new character to have in my repertoire. I've been thinking a LOT about picture books lately, and book covers! I am not the best...

February 12, 2016

The smallest amount of sunshine has inflamed my inspiration to paint summer scenes! I wish I could be on a warm beach right now curling my toes into the golden sand. My cat is sleeping on the bed next to me in the sun and my concentration for painting has flitted out of the window along with the dust of winter. 


This illustration is for Colour Collective on Twitter so do check out that too to find lots of beautiful artwork by talented folk! 

October 23, 2015

 It isn't even November yet, I know, but time is speeding by at the moment and I have a feeling a very 'snowed under' winter is fast on it's way! Work is going to be busy over the festive period, but it's also being predicted in newspapers that there will be plenty of bad weather keeping us trapped indoors too!


I recently discovered the perfect word for the season, the Danish word 'Hygge' (pronounced hooga) In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in l...

October 16, 2015

 This week I travelled back from a vist at home. The sharp cold of October, and the shortening days are inescapable now as we plunge into winter. On go our fluffy jumpers and out come the hot water bottles as we fight off the inevitable sniffles. 


I did a workshop with some Primary school children last week. A chance for them to play with images, and a chance for me become freshly inspired by their quirky, funny and sometimes insane ideas! It got me thinking this week, in and around wo...

October 12, 2015

 I have just finished popping the finishing touches on the interior illustrations for Book one of Stephanie Faris' Piper Morgan series. I hope you'll agree when you see them next summer, that they'll be worth the wait! I'm really excited about the way they've turned out and can't wait to see them in print. This entire process has been such a joy so far and I'm looking forward to reading the next manuscript. 'Piper Morgan: In Charge' which will be taking the world by storm in 2016 along side the...

October 2, 2015

Whilst out for a walk, the rain started to batter down, the leaves weighed heavy under the enormous droplets. A strong gale came tumbling through the tree tops throwing the trees this way and that. Thunder shook the ground and lightening danced across the blackened sky. In the strange and looming forest Ellie is all alone. Everything looks strange and she can't find the way home. When along toddled a penguin with a cup of hot chocolate and a pair of ear-muffs. He shared his brolly, and a story t...

September 14, 2015

Hello all!

It feels like a long time since I have done a blog post (although, in actuality I blog way too much!). A lot has happened in the last few weeks. I have explored Madeira, got a tad sunburnt, returned home, moved to Manchester then been for a weekend in Leeds! It's been non-stop! But now it's that time of year where work becomes full throttle after summer. 

It may be rare that I am able to squeeze in a colour collective piece, but I do so much enjoy the small online community i...

September 8, 2015

"Over the hills, thick with the fragrance of evening dew, across meadows and over-grown mountains; the lullaby of green flickering lights fluttered across the night. They guided the owls through the darkest of skies. No stars could be seen for miles around, where had they gone? As the moon begins to fade too, three owls and a sleepless boy named Peter adventure to seek the star theif."

A small blurb I've cobbled together this week to accompany this illustration. It's part inspired...

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