April 30, 2015

 He's big, but not very scary. This is the Patchwork Dragon, an idea I had many months ago but never got round to colouring. So, with a week of Crimson themed Colour Collective pieces, St.George's Day Dragons and sunshine I felt the time was right to breathe life into this idea.


As I stir my morning tea, I often ponder how incredibly lucky I am to be working with some wonderful clients. I frequently wonder if I'm really good enough. It can be incredibly daunting, especially those days when deadl...

April 18, 2015

 The Colour Collective promt this week was 'Cobalt Turqoise' and with such a vibrant colour, it seemed only fitting to create a vibrant scene with ridiculous colours! Using the colour promt for the background for once challanged me to use colours on my characters to keep them apart from the busy scene around them.


Mermaids always strike me as pesky, although they are often portrayed as vain, I wanted her to be child-like. She had to be a cheeky madam, so stealing the crown of the prince was a su...

April 13, 2015

The weather is getting warmer and brighter day by day (ignoring those typically British grey days in-between of course) But it's time for a slightly more summer themed 'Lucy's Illustrations' logo, I still love my orange Autumn one, but I feel in need for something silly, colourful and just all over cute! It also looks a bit more like me currently, but really it's a summary of my personality rather than actually trying to be a portrait, because I hate drawing myself.


Also a current trend for...

April 10, 2015


'Burnt Umber' was the colour collective prompt this week. I realised that this rich warm brown reminded me of something, something I couldn't quite put my finger on, and while making my sandwich one day, Marmite! It reminded me of Marmite. That love it or hate it gooey mess of flavours in a yellow and brown jar. My colour scheme is simple, and a bear is cute. What more is there to say? 


Perhaps a little story for my picture;


In the midst of the Ditsy forest sat a clearing, lush and wi...

April 4, 2015

In the frenzy of a vivacious spring breeze the plants utter to-and-fro; a bunny twitches his little feet as he dreams of chasing carrots, and a young girl murmers wishes and watches as the warm breeze sweeps the dandelion seeds way up into the bright blue. 


For all those who know me well it is no suprise that I adore the Sring season. I just love seeing the fresh vibrant flowers pop into full bloom! Some of my favourites are daffodiles, poppies and wild daisies (despite the hay-fever i...

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