May 31, 2015

Over a year ago I finished my dissertation all about the Arabian Nights, and It was about time I rekindled that love for those vivid and magical fairy-tales set in the East! It was great to try and emulate the motion and fluidity of the flying carpet cutting through a rich jewel coloured Indian inspired scene. 


I'd like to thank everyone on Twitter who gave this a little star, and any comments brought forward. It's always nerve wracking posting work, so it's lovely to have such a...

May 23, 2015

 This weekend feels like a world away from last. With the weight of deadlines hanging over me, I hardly slept and missed out on seeing friends, much to my chagrin, I even missed my best friend's birthday party. 


I have slowly overcome my worries this week and am feeling quietly happy. Although, as it is bank holiday weekend, it means most of my friends and family are going away or have plans. So, it's left quiet and tranquil (yet only slightly lonely) for me. Which, since my last full day o...

May 9, 2015

 A bit of a last minute scribble from me, but all good fun! 


I had a thumping headache this Friday and I just couldn't seem focus on any details so my painting is a lot more loose than normal. Saying that, I don't think it's turned out too bad as a result, I do love getting textures into my work and despite being unsure if it would look messy or not, it was relatively interesting to watch it unfold before my eyes. Definately one of those paintings, which, it may not especially seem so,...

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