June 29, 2015

 Summer is getting hotter this week, I have just finished a really lovely project and have my fingers crossed for some, rumoured, pipe-line ventures soon, but until then, why not enjoy sketching in the park and a few ice-creams with a friend? I hope you also get a moment of peace and get to de-stress at some point this summer! The days will begin to shorten before we know it, and it will be anoraks and jumpers galore (well, if you live in the UK at least)!


It is set to be a heatwave th...

June 19, 2015

Your greatest adventure could be right outside your door. 


It's warm and sunny during the day, and the sky is alive with the hustle bustle of insects taking to the wing. Yet, the nights draw in with a chill and wide open starry skies loom high above with all of the universe's vast wonder just a glance away. 


This illustration has turned out to have a slight Summer/Autumn feel, where a sunny day begins to wane and tired travellers wrap up warm and make their way home before night fall....

June 14, 2015

 I just wanted to say a really big (and I mean whale size) Thank you to all the kind folk who have been so kind this week! I now have over 1000 likes for my illustration page on Facebook and Twitter.


I'm so grateful to you, so, I'm going to be running my first ever art Give Away! This is going to be so much fun, and will be kicking off this evening (Sunday 14th June 7:30 GMT+1) 


All you have to do is be a follower of Lucy's Illustrations on Twitter then RT or Fav this picture when I post it...

June 6, 2015

This is Lola.


She is rubbish at hunting, she'd sooner run away from a bird than catch it. She is a gentle cat, and when the weather is pleasant, I see her ears poking out from behind bushes and weeds. I was doodling in my bedroom and half watching her poke around in some long grass outside. I imagined the adventures she might have in her own little garden jungle!


Recently, I have been illustrating some educational song books, which have been a real delight! I'm really thrilled that the Bright gr...

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