September 8, 2017

The rain is falling in droves and that familiar smell of falling leaves is starting to fill the air. When summer ends and school starts again playing outside in the sunshine can feel like a distant memory. 

In all the doom and gloom of the rainy weather it's easy to forget all the wonderful things to enjoy during Autumn. I love listening to the rain and getting cosy indoors with the smell of a hearty stew gently wafting from the kitchen. 

It's my favourite time of year to cook and bake, I also pre...

October 2, 2015

Whilst out for a walk, the rain started to batter down, the leaves weighed heavy under the enormous droplets. A strong gale came tumbling through the tree tops throwing the trees this way and that. Thunder shook the ground and lightening danced across the blackened sky. In the strange and looming forest Ellie is all alone. Everything looks strange and she can't find the way home. When along toddled a penguin with a cup of hot chocolate and a pair of ear-muffs. He shared his brolly, and a story t...

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