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Ella's Night Lights - Debut book by Lucy Fleming 

Available world-wide and translated into nine languages. 

Nestled in a little nook in an old oak tree is a tiny girl named Ella. Ella loves light, but must be sure to avoid the sun because of her delicate wings. Flittering about at night, she collects light from everything that glows and glimmers in the darkness, always making sure to share the light she gathers with those who need it most. Until one day, when her animal friends decide it's their turn to give back--with a creative plan that just may make Ella's dream of seeing the sun come true. Best-selling illustrator Lucy Fleming's author-illustrator debut is a sweet story about the power of giving to others and celebrating our friends, as well as a reminder that we all have a light within us that is worthy of being shared.

Published in 2020 by Walker Books Ltd. and Candlewick Press 

Edited by Tanya Rosie, Maria Tunney. 

Book design by Anne-Louise Jones.

Ask for Ella's Night Lights at your local book shop or library. Also available at most good booksellers and online retailers.

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Ella's Night Lights