• Lucy Fleming

Spring flowers and Daydreams

easter drawing.jpg

In the frenzy of a vivacious spring breeze the plants utter to-and-fro; a bunny twitches his little feet as he dreams of chasing carrots, and a young girl murmers wishes and watches as the warm breeze sweeps the dandelion seeds way up into the bright blue.

For all those who know me well it is no suprise that I adore the Sring season. I just love seeing the fresh vibrant flowers pop into full bloom! Some of my favourites are daffodiles, poppies and wild daisies (despite the hay-fever induced sniffles). I decided to try my best to emulate the motion and life of flowers in spring, we often see plant life so statically but, at this time of year, the landscapes are so full of joei de vivre.

I've heard that red & green should never be seen. I believe it's a rule in aesthetics, but I beg to differ. Using the promt colour 'Emerald Green', one of the richest and most difficult colours I have ever worked with during the colour collective campaign, my approach was to combat the challenge which the colour presented with confidence. I threw the most and colour-clashing combos at the painting with utmost joy. This is by far one of the most enjoyable paintings I have ever done, purely because I let loose, and painted what I really wanted, rather than what I thought my portfolio would benefit from.

A very happy Easter chums!

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