• Lucy Fleming

Warm sunset hues of .... brown?

bear sketch.jpg

'Burnt Umber' was the colour collective prompt this week. I realised that this rich warm brown reminded me of something, something I couldn't quite put my finger on, and while making my sandwich one day, Marmite! It reminded me of Marmite. That love it or hate it gooey mess of flavours in a yellow and brown jar. My colour scheme is simple, and a bear is cute. What more is there to say?

Perhaps a little story for my picture;

In the midst of the Ditsy forest sat a clearing, lush and wide, the trees arched over a sunset sky filled with pink and yellow aplenglow.

The sun slowly dipped behind the rocky mountains, and a big hungry bear tumbled from his cave, hungry for his dinner,

He searched under rocks and found bugs and woodlice. Yuck.

He searched behind trees and found rabbits scrambling down into their warrens. He was too bumbling and slow to catch them!

He dipped into a pond and was met with a large rumbling 'ribbit' roaring from inside a hollow log! He fumbled away fearing what pond monster was lurking there.

Finally he stumbled upon a clearing with lunch layed out so neatly, and sat himself down on a smooth boulder, and discovered how utterly scrummy these sticky, gloopy, Marmite sandwiches were!

He nommed them all up, save for one. As he bent down to reach the final scrummy sandwich he heard a rustling from a nearby shrub. And then the giggling voices of people, they must be coming for their picnic!

Oh no! Bear had left them only one sandwich, and they would surely be angry, he quickly tried to hide behind the boulder, but his tufty tail stuck out!

He tried to hide behind the tree, but his bobble ears poked out!

The family had noticed their picnic was all but gone, and looked around in shock to see who had eaten so much. To their suprise they noticed two little bear feet out of the bottom of a shrub.

Big bear stood up when he heard they had spotted him, but he knew he should apologise.

The family laughed and explained that they thankfully had plenty more that they were bringing over, and pulled up a huge basket, with lots of Marmite sandwiches for everyone.

The end,

That's it from me for a while folks,

Have a wonderful weekend,

P.s - Think twice before you leave your picnic alone in the forest!

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