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The Patchwork Dragon

He's big, but not very scary. This is the Patchwork Dragon, an idea I had many months ago but never got round to colouring. So, with a week of Crimson themed Colour Collective pieces, St.George's Day Dragons and sunshine I felt the time was right to breathe life into this idea.

dragon sketch.jpg

As I stir my morning tea, I often ponder how incredibly lucky I am to be working with some wonderful clients. I frequently wonder if I'm really good enough. It can be incredibly daunting, especially those days when deadlines are looming, and I'm wondering if there'll be anything new in the pipe-line afterwards? All I can do is work as hard as I can and keep hoping the world of illustration throws everything it can at me! After all, It's my dream job, and I fear that one day I will wake up and it will all be gone. So it's incredibly heartwarming to have received such positive feedback through social media. It really helps my confidence and my work, and maybe, one day, me and my patchwork dragon will have a picture-book of our very own?

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