• Lucy

At the bottom of the garden.


This weekend feels like a world away from last. With the weight of deadlines hanging over me, I hardly slept and missed out on seeing friends, much to my chagrin, I even missed my best friend's birthday party.

I have slowly overcome my worries this week and am feeling quietly happy. Although, as it is bank holiday weekend, it means most of my friends and family are going away or have plans. So, it's left quiet and tranquil (yet only slightly lonely) for me. Which, since my last full day off was Christmas day, admittedly it is very nice to have some breathing room and time to myself. To just slob about, and get some fresh air!

The weather is somewhat grim, but that doesn't steal the smile from my face. Yesterday I played in the garden with the cat, it felt care-free and child-like. My brain was all but fried of inspiration after a long and tiring work week. So it was wondrous to feel inspired once more. And I set out to do a small doodle for Colour Collective, purely to enjoy drawing again. I wasn't planning on doing it, I didn't have much of an idea, and even as I finished it I wasn't sure I was happy with it. It's a bit rough and very simple, but perhaps that what I needed that Friday afternoon.

I hope you are all enjoying a long weekend, and I hope this fairy doodle brings a smile for you, as it has for me!

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