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Lola's Day

Cat sat in the grass.jpg

This is Lola.

She is rubbish at hunting, she'd sooner run away from a bird than catch it. She is a gentle cat, and when the weather is pleasant, I see her ears poking out from behind bushes and weeds. I was doodling in my bedroom and half watching her poke around in some long grass outside. I imagined the adventures she might have in her own little garden jungle!

Recently, I have been illustrating some educational song books, which have been a real delight! I'm really thrilled that the Bright group has steadily kept me busy with fantastic breifs and equally fun campaigns. So, I am keeping my fingers crossed, and my pencil doodling, for new exciting ventures this summer.

It has been a delight to spend time with family and those I love in and around my projects this week, and I have hardly been inside over the last couple of days. But now it's time to knuckle down and get on with my deadlines, and when I find time, doodle the things that inspire me most.

I hope you all enjoy Lola and her new friend!

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