• Lucy

Lost Star

This weeks Colour Collective piece. I must admit I feel very much like this little girl, with everything just slightly out of reach at the moment. I hope everything will fall into place in time. But, unfortunately, I stress easily!

I have lots of work, prior comitments, and now a flat hunt in an area I don't even know. A career in illustration is wonderful, but also unpredictable, which makes it hard to know what is just around the corner! Perhaps it's time to let go of all of the millions of things an adult can worry about and just be thankful for what we do have! I should count myself lucky to be here at all, and really just need to try my best, If I fail, then that is something I will have to contend with. I can't live in the land of 'What if?' so, i'll just continue to paint!

Painting is the perfect escape.

I could have continued painting the sky and stars forever! It reminds me of how lucky I am to have been born. Looking at the night sky always makes me smile and makes my worries seem so small.

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