• Lucy

A Journey Guided by Fireflies

"Over the hills, thick with the fragrance of evening dew, across meadows and over-grown mountains; the lullaby of green flickering lights fluttered across the night. They guided the owls through the darkest of skies. No stars could be seen for miles around, where had they gone? As the moon begins to fade too, three owls and a sleepless boy named Peter adventure to seek the star theif."

A small blurb I've cobbled together this week to accompany this illustration. It's part inspired by conversations with friends on twitter too. I'm back now from my own journey, but about to embark on another tomorrow. I don't seem to sit still for very long these days! Bustling with new projects and ongoing ones I have a feeling summer is almost over and a busy Autumn leers it's head!

Thanks for all the kind words and continued support. I'm feeling freshly inspired! So what will I pull out of the illustration hat next? Even I haven't the foggiest!

Lucy :)

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