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Cinderella has problems with her footwear!

Hello all!

It feels like a long time since I have done a blog post (although, in actuality I blog way too much!). A lot has happened in the last few weeks. I have explored Madeira, got a tad sunburnt, returned home, moved to Manchester then been for a weekend in Leeds! It's been non-stop! But now it's that time of year where work becomes full throttle after summer.

It may be rare that I am able to squeeze in a colour collective piece, but I do so much enjoy the small online community it has become, that I will try my very best!

I decided to work mainly in black and white this week, there's no reason to it, other than a change pace! For some reason coral and navy seems like a rich combination, fit for a princess, perhaps? I have a scarf which inspired the ditsy pattern of watercolour flowers.

Well, I'd best log off now as I'm currently sat rather awkwardly in a Costa coffee house relishing the WiFi as our flat is without it until Friday. I'm surrounded by business types and executives from the BBC, and I'm just here with my little pictures :)

Until next time,


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