• Lucy

Once upon a Rainy Day

Whilst out for a walk, the rain started to batter down, the leaves weighed heavy under the enormous droplets. A strong gale came tumbling through the tree tops throwing the trees this way and that. Thunder shook the ground and lightening danced across the blackened sky. In the strange and looming forest Ellie is all alone. Everything looks strange and she can't find the way home. When along toddled a penguin with a cup of hot chocolate and a pair of ear-muffs. He shared his brolly, and a story to comfort her. He told her where he had been, all over the world! He was farther from home than anybody, but knew that no matter where he travelled to, a helping hand was never too far away.

Together they sheltered under the brolly and some leafy trees until the storm began to pass. And Ellie's worst day had quickly become her best! As she rose and walked away to go home at last, she turned to watch the penguin limber on his merry way too, but he had already gone and no trace of his vibrant yellow brolly could be seen.

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