• Lucy

The Big, Wild Sea!

This week I travelled back from a vist at home. The sharp cold of October, and the shortening days are inescapable now as we plunge into winter. On go our fluffy jumpers and out come the hot water bottles as we fight off the inevitable sniffles.

I did a workshop with some Primary school children last week. A chance for them to play with images, and a chance for me become freshly inspired by their quirky, funny and sometimes insane ideas! It got me thinking this week, in and around work, about narrative. How the words can play into the image.

Often, if a vivid visual comes to mind I work to paint it straight away without as much thought of it's layout if it were for a book. Composition is always something I take great care to consider in my paintings, and in my professional projects. So, it was really interesting to have a play around with the words and layout for once.

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