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Sleepy Book Time

Today, I finished a portfolio piece which I've been thinking about for a few days. I realised earlier this week that I hadn't ever spent much time drawing our spiky friends, hedgehogs. I very much like hedgehogs and they are becoming increasingly endangered, but believe it or not, one of the most joyful moments I've ever had was upon meeting a hedgehog. I was out walking for some fresh air in my home town a few years ago, when I cut through a nook toward a park. I happened to chance upon a rather brazen hedgehog plodding along the path, not scurrying in the bushes or running in fear from me, and in broad day light too! He looked up at me as he wandered past only a foot or two at his closest. Then we walked in opposite directions with myself somewhat boggled by the encounter. At best, I'd only ever seen hedgehogs at night with a torch as they bumbled about the bottom of the garden. My eyes are notoriously bad, so until that day, I'd only ever seen them as blobs in the darkness or on telly.

I went on to wonder, from time to time, what ever happened to that little hedgehog. I liked to imagine him with a top hat at parties, with a family and a home, or snuggling down with a good book with his hot tea on a plant pot table, and his feet up on a spongey toatstool. I thought that it would be a good idea to try work in this week's colour collective prompt to get my colour scheme going. I haven't used the colour too liberally, but take a look at the sky and you'll find the damson hues of 'Rose Quartz', and here it is:

A cosy hedgehog falling asleep with a book, the perfect weekday evening in my opinion.

Happy weekend friends :)

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