• Lucy Fleming

Festive Feelings

Oh yes. It's getting festive. The shops are crying out with commercial Christmas music and gifts, but that isn't what I mean when I use the term 'festive'.

Before all the 'Bah-Humbug' bunch among you get up in arms that it isn't December yet, I will confess, when I say I'm feeling festive, this is what I really mean; I'm enjoying winter despite the cold (ever the optimist!). Hot drinks inside on cold days, scarves, wooly jumpers, bobble hats, the picturesque skies and long shadows only seen at this time of year, candles, cosy home cooked meals and blankets. When I say I'm feeling festive, I'm not talking about only Christmas but the whole season, and I'm especially not talking about my nemesis, shopping - in fact i'm avoiding shopping and cities at all costs as I absolutely hate how busy and crowded it gets, it certainly doesn't do my anxiety any good. Shopping isn't very festive, it just isn't ever particularly fun in my opinion.

There is just a wonderful feeling abundant in winter of togetherness and bringing light and hot food into the cold dark winter days. I'm really embracing winter this year, and I hate being in cold and the rainy British weather. In spite of sounding like the biggest slab of stilton cheesiness, this warm feeling is all about friends, family and love. (I know.. yuck right?) Never-the-less, that's the motive behind this super speedy Friday afternoon doodle, a very cute parent/child moment, what could be more festive in the midst of winter.

Happy weekend friends!

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