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Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for 2016!

This is my last post of the year as I am going into a festive hibernation of food, family and of course, a bit of booze. Some rest and relaxation over the festive period is needed. This week it was the Christmas special for Colour Collective, a fun Twitter Challenge I have participated in almost every Friday this year.

I was also advised by some friends on twitter, that it would be fun and cute to do a gallery round up of Colour Collective 2015. Since my portfolio is full of artwork done for the weekly challenge, and I've made a lot of improvement and friends in doing so, I jumped on the bandwagon. After seeing some of the gorgeous compelations the other avid Colour Collective artists were putting together I simply couldn't resist.

Here are some of the pictures I chose, I didn't put all of them on as It would be around 40 illustrations (if not more!) I chose these ones to represent the fun and vibrance of our chatty friday evenings discussing artwork and seeing each others' creations on twitter.

I'm so grateful for Penny and my other friends and followers on Twitter who have created and supported Colour Collective over the year. I really would feel lost without it as it has been the perfect creative catalyst and motivation to develop.

The feedback I get really means so much to me and has allowed me to grow more confident in my artwork. I also believe I have practiced my skills lots each week and really come a long way since last year.

So here is my CC Christmas special:

And here are my top picks from 2015:

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