• Lucy Fleming

New year & new goals!

Hello friends,

I hope you've all had an enjoyable holiday time, perhaps enjoyed some time relaxing? Or, at least, eaten your weight in chocolate maybe? I know I have, although it was back to work much sooner than i'd have liked, but thankfully, being an illustrator can be pretty fun!

I have had some realisations in my moment of peace, I reflected on 2015 and decided a few goals for 2016. I will be aiming to take new directions with illustrating, especially around summer time when work slows down I will try to take some time to explore these new ideas, so I'm dreaming of warmer days.

I want to manage my work/life balance much better this year, remember to take some time off for my well-being and to spend more time with those irreplacable few.

My main goal in 2016 is to expand and improve; as a person and as and artist. To learn, read and draw in the aim of become better in what I do. I feel that a new lease of life would be welcome in my portfolio and I'm starting to feel the gradual surge of a wave of change as the new year begins. It all stars here, with this illustration: 'Dreaming of Summer days' - I was longing for those warm evenings and I drew my heart out. A playful excitement for days to come and adventures to be had. I painted and reminisced childhood Summers, when I could play out for hours and I never had more than one thing on my mind, 'fun'!

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