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Bologna week and hopes for the Summer...

Hello friends and appreciators of my scribbledom (which sounds a bit like kingdom, but has more illustrations!)

This week of April marks the date where my agents (Bright Group) and many publishers hit Bologna for a huge book fair with wide eyes and high hopes. I honestly have all my fingers and toes crossed that it is a successful week, and perhaps will even bring some new projects to my door! I'm so excited by that prospect. I love all the projects I'm working on, but as they most come to an end this April, I'll be keeping up with portfolio illustrations and Colour Collective entries. Wish me luck! (Unfortunately I won't be in Bologna in person, but my Agents and work will be, so if you're there perhaps keep your eyes peeled for the Bright Agency stand, and give them a little smile and wave!)

I'm also very excited to be going home for a week this April. I'll be taking my work with me, but I'll be re-united with my little fluff-ball of a cat Lola to keep me smiling throughout those April deadlines. I'm starting spring with a desire for the fresh, fresh projects, fresh foods and fresh optimism. I have a holiday booked for the Summer to look forward to and I just keep dreaming of sunny days.

Happy weekend!

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