• Lucy Fleming

It's a sloth kind of day.

The last few weeks have been relatively tempestuous. There is some grief and sadness in my personal life which has made it very difficult to sit at my desk and draw. Without wanting to go into the delicate details, I felt it would be wise to at least inform those who are interested in my work and those who may have been wondering where I've disappeared to about why that is. Especially since this year I have hardly posted any Colour Collective illustrations on Twitter. I have chosen to continue work and continue painting when possible because It's what I love to do! I don't know where i'd be without it! I do intend to keep posting and doing new work throughout the coming months, but It will probably be fairly sporadic. To everyone who is very supportive of me and my drawings I'm eternally grateful of the positivity and kindness you bring.

I can't wait to share my joy in my paintings with you all again. However, in light of sad circumstances I would rather post nothing at all, than something I feel wasn't made with joy and love, but of obligation.

Thank you for your patience and kindness. I'll certainly be back with more art within the next few weeks.

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