• Lucy

Koala's (Super Amazing) Day Out

For this week's #colour_collective challenge on Twitter, a shade of brown was the colour of choice. I spent most of the week painting and sketching for professional projects whilst simultaneously trying to dream up an idea of something to draw for the Friday 7.30pm post time. I loved the idea of doing a Koala, I haven't drawn one before and I thought it would be a cute new character to have in my repertoire. I've been thinking a LOT about picture books lately, and book covers! I am not the best at hand-written fonts so a bit of practice wouldn't go amiss. Therefore I opted to challenge myself to design a book cover for an imaginary story. It was lots of fun, and I may continue to challenge myself to do a series of book cover style pieces. It really helps me think about colour, composition and fonts more than usual.

I hope you like it!

Have a great weekend wherever in the world you are :)

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