• Lucy Fleming

A Trip Down Diagon Alley

Earlier this week I had the joy to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Harry Potter tour in London. It was so wonderful to see all the small details and design work that went into making the iconic films based on J.K Rowling's classic books.

I grew up reading Harry Potter and am enchanted by the cluttered chaos of Diagon Alley. I wanted to do my first 'fan art' painting based on a pre-existing story. All the little trinkets in the shop windows inspired this scene. I hope I've done the stories proud with my version. It's for my slightly older fiction portfolio. Normally I love to draw and paint the sweet and cute, so it was definitely fun to delve into something different. But, not to fear, if you're a fan of the cute, watch this space because I have some adorable sketches to colour over the next few months!

Have a lovely weekend!

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