• Lucy Fleming

Yarrrr 'tis a great day for a pirate game!

Here is the original painting:

And here is the illustration as part of a kids play treasure map:

It's been a long time since I've sat down and drawn something with the question "What do I need in my portfolio?" ringing through my mind. Instead of the usual - "ooh squirrels are cute!" or "Yey! Magic!". I love to draw things for fun, I love to escape into a world of fantasy and magic. I love to draw animals - boy I could draw animals until the cows came home (and then I'd draw those cows too!) This picture, on the other hand, was fun enough to draw, but also tinged with self doubt. Sometimes it's just what you need to step outside your comfort zone! I adore nostalgia, I'd love to go back in time and play with friends again and just laugh and run around until my heart is pumping so hard it feels like it might fall out of my chest - Just for a day! However in my mid 20's I have adult things to worry about like bills and rent!

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