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Summer Holiday & Updates (Beware! It's a long one so get a cuppa ready!)

I can smell Autumn in the air, even as i'm clinging to the boiling sunshine of mid August, I can feel my favourite and busiest time of year fast approaching. The run up to the end of October (Frankfurt Book Fair) Then on through until Christmas has previously been incredibly, and exhilaratingly hectic. This year should be no exception. Deadlines are flying at me almost too fast for my mind to comprehend so I'm relishing these rare doodle evenings where I can get my ideas onto paper, and simultaneously organise my thoughts of the upcoming working day. I love to do personal work and keep up with my social media, even if that means eating into the wee small hours or my cherished weekends to do so.

This summer I've had the pleasure to have not only one, but two holidays in quick succession. Knowing that they'd be my last chance to relax until potentially Christmas I was sure to embrace the opportunities. I first alighted to Norwich, hot off some of the most exciting illustration news I'd had this year. I was blessed with a very endearing story and a chance to work with the famous Maverick books and a wonderful author. I can't wait to reveal more, and get working on it properly! But until then, It was a 4 hour 50 minute ride to stay with friends in Norwich. I was really lucky with the weather, had a fantastic time and a chance to catch up with the girls I lived with at Uni.

I was home, and just about had time to sort a few loose ends out work wise before my sister was knocking at my door in Manchester. Her visit was delightful, good food, good relax, but I was also packing for my next holiday and the weather was poor, so unfortunately our evenings were spent watching Ab Fab, eating cookies and, me, ironing clothes. We packed our things into her car and made our way to our Parents, for a brief visit and to see our Grandad and the cat before both jetting off on our respective holidays. I said goodbye to my parents, packed my bags and made my way to London, stopping only for a mushroom pizza before crashing at Stansted airport's Premier Inn.

At stupid o'clock the next morning three friends and I made our way to the airport to quickly buy shampoo and other essentials before grabbing a pack of dried apricots and buckling ourselves into our flight to Spain. Once there we had a coach trip to the beautiful San Sebastian, where duly we crashed upon the beach falling almost instantly asleep in the midday sun. With the weight of our jobs and recent travels, it didn't take much to completely floor us. The holiday was incredibly relaxed, one or two mojitos and sangrias were consumed, Spas were visited and I even tried my hand at sea kayaking.

Before I knew it I was arriving back at my parents house at Midnight, ready to cat-sit for a week. Seeing my partner for brief rendezvous and meal out before we both went back to work.

I'm currently rattling around in my parent's house with our little black cat to keep me company and a work load that could be likened to the great wall of China (As in, I'm pretty sure It could be seen from space!)

I'm very ready to be back at work, feeling refreshed. I have fiction books, activity books and even a picture book for you to get excited about! Thanks for your continued support and I can't wait to tell you more about the new projects soon!

I hope you have all had adventures this summer or at least managed to rest your feet, read a book, or two, or three...

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