• Lucy Fleming

Snow Fall Foxes

First of all, I want to say a massive thank you, as the response to my latest painting (shown here) has been thoroughly heart-warming. In a year that has had its ups and downs, It's really lovely to feel all this positivity towards a (let's face it) rather unsure of herself artist.

I often struggle with self confidence, in life and in art I search hard to find my place in a hectic world. But, painting can also become an escape from those fears, as each painting, whether good or bad, is a step forward. Each painting, to me, reflects a moment of my life which, when I look back at them, I'll be able to remember how I was feeling that day. They can be very personal as well as an exploration of ideas, techniques and fantasy.

When I'm busy with deadlines you might be surprised that the first thing I'd want to do on a free afternoon would be to stay at my desk and do a painting just for the fun of it (often this is sidelined by housework, supermarket shops). But everyday my mind is bubbling with stories and concepts that I just want to explore, and every few weeks when I can find those spare few hours It's like a blessing. I am so thrilled to be involved in some incredible book projects, but as the year reaches a close I'm also looking to the future, to what 2017 may bring.

This year I've had some personal bereavement, I've also moved away from my family and friends, felt disconnected and lost at times. So much has happened in the world as well as my personal life that has left me reflecting on what could possibly be in store for the future. But, I have dreams, and I have stories to tell, so I'm going to keep working hard to try my best everyday to make those stories come to life someday. And I'm thankful that you're on this journey with me (watching my illustrations from afar!) and your support means very much to me!

Wrap up warm, and stay whimsical!


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