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Fee Fi Fo...

FUM is a new picture book written by Karl Newson (whose website you can check out here to find out more about him and his books!). It was an absolute joy to illustrate from start to finish. One of my favourite pages is the map page (photo below) mainly because it was a great fun to doodle all the different areas and fairytale worlds at a bird's eye view. (Who doesn't love doodling dragons?!)

Karl's storytelling is fantastic, fun and rhythmical. Fum is packed with lots to talk about with your little ones. It's full of fairytale characters and the story makes a great alliance between a playful game of 'hide and seek' and a fairytale adventure. As a special extra bit of fun you can spot little Fum hidden in the pictures on most of the spreads in the book. I love adding little details to illustrations so be sure to pick up a copy and see what you can spot!

Despite being a full time illustrator for a couple of years now, Fum is my first delve into picture book illustration in the UK. I've really grown a love for working on picture books I hope this will be the start a wonderful journey as an illustrator. I feel very grateful to have illustrated Fum and I hope that this joyful book will be enjoyed by many!

If you've read and enjoyed Fum, I'd love to hear from you, here in the comments section or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you!

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