• Lucy Fleming

The wild goose chase

It's a long way home. The bird family flew away for winter, but now they have to find their way home. Trick is, they aren't sure how. Luckily for the birds there is a helpful Raccoon who is travelling the world. He knows each bit, from the top at polar bears' home to the bottom at kangaroo's den. Raccoon tells the birds, "join me, and you'll be home in time for tea!" Raccoon is enjoying himself very much. He loves seeing forests, bobbing on rivers and sailing seas. He loves wandering the deserts and taking pictures. He loves reading maps. He noms his packed lunch and sips his hot tea... but he still isn't ready to go home.

The birds are not impressed at all. They just want to go home. They're fed up of being dragged this way and that. Up hills, through jungles and over rivers. They're tired, their feet hurt and still not anywhere near home...

What will they do?

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