• Lucy Fleming

Summer Round-up

So far i've had a very pleasant relaxed Summer. After a supremely busy start to the year a break has been much needed. I'm plugging away at a couple of ongoing projects, but I'm keen to keep my eye out for something new.

As I tie off the projects I've been working on, I have a tugging feeling of post-book-blues. It's like I'm floundering around, slightly at a loss.

In the meantime, I've tasked myself with doing a few portfolio pieces. I still have doubts about my work (I'm yet to find an illustrator who doesn't!) and trying new things such as limited palette use, and colour and size contrasting has helped me think a bit more about how we tell stories with picture books.

I have found a real love of picture books over the years, whatever the art style. There are some incredibly simple yet beautiful stories, some striking artwork and some loveable characters nestled on the shelves at book shops worldwide.

I count myself very lucky that I've been able to step my foot into the door of children's books. I can't get enough of it, and I don't think I'll ever get bored of it!

Next year I have a picture book about Halloween set for the US, and I can't wait to sketch all the cute and quirky costumes. I'll also be continuing the fiction series 'Star Friends' which is delightful and full of magic!

It's been wonderful to step away from that feeling of having 'too much on my plate' long enough for me to feel incredibly grateful. And how much I miss it when there's not a picture book on the go! I am anxious for whatever the future may hold (and fingers crossed it's good!). My passion for illustrating seems re-envigorated by my summer break - i'm going to give it all i've got!

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