• Lucy Fleming

Halloween Take-over

You may have noticed my website and other social medias have been taken over by a resident ghost this month. Me and my good friend Kim (@Kimillustration) decided it would be so much

fun to get spooky and really embrace Halloween themed artwork this October.

I am getting into the spooky spirit this October with all things cute and quirky! Autumn is such a fantastic time of year, and Halloween is a very fun celebration (which, in my opinion, is not to be taken too seriously!) It's all good fun!

I much prefer halloween in a childish and silly way, I adore the colours and aesthetics of Halloween, I mean my favourite colour is orange and I have a very lovely black cat! I'm not one to watch a scary film or go trick-or-teating (being brought up in a very British family this is not something my parents were into - and I have to admit I really don't care for the tradition.)

You'll more likely find me watching 'Kiki's Delivery Service' or 'Para-Norman' and enjoying a deliciously spiced pumpkin soup on Halloween than dressing up or hiding behind my sofa pathetically avoiding watching 'The Conjuring'.

However you enjoy Halloween, or just autumn time in general if Halloween doesn't float your boat, I hope you will enjoy the fun 'Halloween Take-over' and my illustration-y take on the season.

Here's a few illustrations I created, including a few screen grabs of my spooky website.

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