• Lucy Fleming

Fast approaching freeze!

November is already flying by and It won't be long before I've got to start the Christmas preparations! It's been a bit of a slow one work wise, but that has definitely transpired to be a good thing as my health has not been wonderful and my anxiety has flared up which makes my confidence in my work plummet.

There have been a few things all adding up to make me feel this way and I won't get into too much detail as this is a positive place where I share my artwork from the heart and hope it brings joy to those who see it. It's also an honest place though, and I wear my heart on my sleeve - I definitely don't want to give the impression that life is always perfect. I'm aware that generally I have been very blessed, and I do adore my job to pieces too, but that doesn't mean there aren't downsides and struggles inside and outside of work.

I very much feel like the little girl in my penguin illustration, desiring to surround myself with comfort and warmth. Thankfully, there are lots of people around me who are very caring and supportive. I couldn't thank them enough if I tried.

All I can do is keep painting from the heart and try to look on the bright side of life and be thankful. Hopefully, I'll be at full health again soon which will help me tackle all the little things and feel a bit more on top of it. Until then, It's definitely OK to give yourself a break and let yourself come back stronger another day.

I hope all of you are keeping well and warm this November, and thank you all who have been so supportive - it means the world to me!

Onwards to better days!

Lucy :)

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