• Lucy Fleming

2018 here we go!

2018 is the year to make things happen! If last year was all about assessing my work/life balance and which direction I wanted to go, then this year is all about working towards my goals. This year i'm keen to keep following my own path.

I'm going to do things at my own pace being mindful of the work/life balance I focussed on last year. I don't want to overwhelm myself or make myself ill or stressed! Having said that, taking a step back last year has meant that I can come back with clarity and focus. I'm ready to take on the challenges ahead. I have some great folks around me whose love and support is giving me the confidence to try harder this year.

Some exciting projects are on the horizon, and I'm so hopeful that more wonders await. But instead of wishing on stars and waiting for dreams to come true, I've decided to try take some first steps myself. Wish me luck! Even if it doesn't work out, or life throws hurdles, I'll continue to do the best I can.

It's meant the world to spend some time over winter with loved ones and really get to the heart of what's important in life. I hope this year I can draw closer to those I care most about, but It's safe to say my illustration career is most certainly not taking a back seat. I'm tied to it, and it's tied to me. I don't think I could stop myself and my passion is unbound right now.

Let's all make waves in 2018!

Happy New Year everyone!

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