• Lucy Fleming

Daydreaming of better days

It's been a warm and bright summer for the most part, but shadowed by circumstances not always in my control. There've certainly been a few more blue days lately, what with one thing and another, and keeping my pecker up is harder than ever.

Being creative during periods of flux is proving to be somewhat challenging so I think it's good time to share what is often forgotten among professional creatives - which is that it's OK to take a step back. A lot of the time when your job is your passion it is assumed that you would want to do it even in your spare time, which leads you to feeling inadequate, or that you're not pushing yourself hard enough when you take breaks. However, I think it's not always prudent to push yourself into working when what you truly need is self-care and time spent out of the house, with friends and family. Of course, there will be days when your fires are ablaze with inspiration and you'll spend your weekends getting through deadlines and evenings writing and doodling your heart out. But, it's so important to remember the ying to the yang, the wax to the wane, and the eb and flow of your creative juices. Knowing that it is not only normal, but perfectly natural to back off and come back brighter and stronger later, when you have the space and strength regained to do so.

What all this amounts to is a reminder to take a breather, and not worry if you're in the slow lane for a while - sometimes that's just where you need to be.

Take care, chin up and smile :)

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