• Lucy Fleming

Joy and Laughter

I'm delighted to have had a moment of peace amongst the deadlines, work load and social business, that seems to take precedent at this time of year, just long enough to paint a dream and allow the season of peace to settle into my bones.

I'm working hard to organise the home and get as much work tied up as possible so that I'm ready for a Christmas break. (And by break, I mean well and truly restful (I Hope!). My dream Christmas holiday would be some blissful time with loved ones, surrounded by comfort. It would be a moment of joy and respite in the midst of the coldest, darkest days of winter.) - I will certainly be wishing for simple pleasures, for myself and you all, this Yule time.

I think it's so important to have that time off, that slow moment to reflect with gratitude for all that you have and also to remember those who are no longer here. For me, the run up to Christmas is filled with magic with its autumn leaves and open fire scented air, hugs with cold noses and candle-light.

We live in such rhythms, sometimes drumming along to such a fast beat that we hardly take a second just to sit and be. We are wanting and working all of the time and it's exhausting! To be content it such a blessing and if a feeling of contentment falls into your lap, embrace it, don't question it, it's rare enough. I feel a burgeoning calm despite my busy work load and it is such a relief from the internal storm i'd felt earlier this year. I have walked through that strange fog. I know myself better, I know now that I must pour some of myself into other areas of life and not just my craft (and in turn by nourishing those other things it seems my art is not so smothered and can grow. - Who knew?)

My hopes now are for you all to take the time this winter to really take stock, count blessings and emanate love and kindness. That is one thing you can do to make the world a better place these days. Your kindness may not have the same ripples as destruction and greed, but it does, nonetheless leave ripples.

Merry Christmas and a happy winter season to you all!

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