• Lucy Fleming

Rain, rain go away.

This northern summer has got me feeling at times blue, but at other times wholly cosy with hot tea and flickering candles. I'm finally starting to settle into this northern life which has followed a tumultuous journey.

2019 has been a year of focussing my attention on various aspects of life - it's been really crucial to do so. Recognising that I have value outside of my artwork has helped me realise that I don't need to seek validation through my career. Appreciating my career for what it is, and the joy of creating - rather than feeling the pressure of success or failure. I used to think that if I succeed at my chosen career then I will have succeeded at life. But, in all honesty, there's just so much more to live for!

I love bringing joy to others, it's all I seek to do, in work and in life. So, I've returned to my portfolio with ideas for stories i'm 'almost' ready to dive straight in with this autumn and winter. But, back with an attitude toward work which is healthier than ever. Creating because I want to, because it's fun, because it can bring joy and fun to others.

The future feels somewhat fragile at the moment, with confusing governments and doom-filled prospects drilled into us on the daily. With that in mind, it seems completely understandable to feel so uneasy in life and career. I have no idea what the future will hold for anyone let alone my little stories and drawings. But we have just got to keep on plugging away at the things that make us happy. Plod along and take it in your stride.

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