• Lucy Fleming

Happy 2020!

It's 2020, and the turn of the decade certainly seems to have stirred the pot. It's allowed most of us to reflect on our lives (and overthink and analyse way more than perhaps we should.)

It's important to remember that there is no one checking scores. You won't get a grade at the end of your life according to how 'well' you've done, how much money you've had, how nice your kitchen was, how many kids you had, what your job is. The only measure of success you need is that of kindness and happiness. The world may not always be a wonderful place, but you can fill your corner of it with love and kindness. I am seeking to be a more patient, well informed and more understanding person. I'm a trier, as many of us are, and I can make peace with my failures by knowing I tried my best.

Although I don't always try my best at everything all at once. It simply isn't possible to put all of your energy into every aspect of life, there's only so much to give! I do want to work harder on my career this year, but other things come up which demand my full mental health, and adding more to the pot might be a recipe for disaster on all fronts.

I'm coining this year as a year of self-growth. Change may happen and there's so much in the pipe-line which is out of our control - but we can control how we react, and our perspective on whatever comes our way. By finding a level of belief in ourselves, we can find the faith to understand that we are enough as we are, we don't always need to be more, or do more, or have more. We should go at our own pace in life and stop comparing ourselves to others, be present in what we have and show gratitude.

This year very much seems like it could be a defining one in many senses which fills me with trepidation. But we have got to keep looking after ourselves, focus on the now and enjoy whatever happiness comes our way!

Happy 2020 all, thanks for reading the blog!

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