• Lucy Fleming

Views from the sketchbook in July.

Well 2020 has certainly been the whirlwind I thought it was going to be, but not in the ways I'd ever imagined.

Closer to home I've found I've had to confront things about myself that I'd avoided. Despite not being clear of the storm just yet, I'm finding myself searching for healing and growth.

Fresh inspiration and drive have started to rear their heads again. It's a strange feeling, perhaps I'm ready now to test the boundaries of my artwork rather than staying in a comfortable lane? I feel happier to share unpolished, un-finished ideas & messy sketches now. I feel a freedom to explore and a desire to make mistakes and be satisfied that it isn't a waste of time, but that it helps me to branch out. I'm starting to realise that style isn't something we have much control of, but rather a result of so many things.

It's an amazing thing, just to have fun with your artwork.

In so many ways this year feels as though it's only just started, but in other ways it feels like we've gone on this strange and unending journey. I suppose it serves as a reminder for us not to take anything for granted, and also to be kind to ourselves on the way too. Bullying ourselves into working harder, or pigeon-holing ourselves into a corner that doesn't fit us will never get us the results we'd like.

I can't believe how close the publication date of my author illustrated book is. My stomach churns with nerves when I think about it and the years it's been in the making. I've not had chance to organise any promo and I imagine events this winter will not be possible in light of safety. So, i'll have to think of creative ways to spread the word about Ella's Night Lights. I've not received the print copies just yet - but it's going to be sparkly! I hope it's going to be a sweet, calming bedtime story for winter.

Thanks for reading the blog, and your support. If you want to read more about any of my upcoming books I have a list of publications in the 'Books' section of the website. If you click on Ella's Nightlights I've made a quite nice special page about it where you can read the blurb and a pre-order link if you'd like!

All the best


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