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Anniversary Ink Brushes

My watercolour brushes for Procreate (from Paint Box) are some of my favourites and most popular amongst you guys too. There's something so captivating and rich about a good wet brush. The buildable and bendable, the rich and the washy ~

Here in this limited edition set I've included even more inky brushes for your painterly desires. 26 Brushes + An interactive textured canvas.

If you're into black and white inking, or colour, and want to play around with the brushes you can find them on the shop page. I've also included an adaptive adjustable canvas which really looks like heavy paper and adds grain and grit to your image.

Top Left: Ink & Grain, Top Right: Wet Fire Bleed, Blended together using: Wet Mix and Wet Paper

Center Left: Illustrator's Ink, Center Right: Blend With Water, Blended using: Water Blender and Wet Paper

Bottom Left: Wet Mix, Bottom Right: Geiger Layer, Blended using: Wet Mix, Blend With Water, Wet Paper

- Use Multiply with your layers to build up overlapping textures.

- Experiment using pressure sensitivity to blend and mix your inks.

Here's the full set list.

I can't wait to bring these into my black and white illustrations and inky sketches to create extra depth and dimension.

If you get the set, or use my brushes in general feel free to tag me in your artwork on social media. I adore seeing how you utilise and integrate them into your beautiful art.

Best wishes for the new year,

Lucy x

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