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Craft Box & Paint Box - Brush sets coming soon for Procreate App!

Wet brushes or dry brushes? (That is the question...) For a large amount of this year since the release of my Sketchbook brush set for Procreate app I've been creating a range of paint and dry Procreate brushes inspired by traditional art mediums.

Whilst I'm still heavily relying on my go-to sketchbook brushes for every piece I do, I have in my recent artworks/book projects been trialling these new brushes and I'm so happy with what each set has to offer. They have really invigorated my artwork and helped me experiment, have fun and try new things!

I love playing with texture and different styles of brushes to achieve different looks within my artwork. This is where Paint Box and Craft Box come in.

Paint box includes a range of wet media brushes: Watercolour, gouache, ink, acrylic and oil inspired brushes that are just a dream to play with, they handle pristinely alongside the 'Wonder Paper' canvas included which is designed to integrate fully with the paint brushes to create depth to your artwork.

Craft box is such a playful set - but one I find myself reaching for time and time again, especially when I want more texture in my artwork. The brushes in this set are inspired by chalk pastels, oil pastels, wax crayons, screen printing and all kinds of messy dry media. It reminds me of that clattering case of art supplies I had at art college, and is effortlessly easy to use to bring life and texture to your work. Alongside the pastel paper canvas that is included.

Both sets are designed to have a range of uses, whether your work is hyper realistic, or super stylised the brushes have so much to offer. There is no right or wrong way to use them, and If anything I tend to steer away from how-to guides as I want you to explore, play and be creative in your unique and beautiful way. Besides which, I use each brush differently in each project give or take!

One of the biggest lessons I've learnt throughout the pandemic and in healing my attitude towards my work practice has been to inject fun, play and experimentation into my work. It's all about worrying less about the final outcome and giving yourself room to try new things! Will I challenge myself by using entirely watercolour brushes? Maybe all oil paint, or all in chalk pastel brushes and see how it effects the outcome? It's playful creativity like this that is brining me life in 2021 and beyond. I can't wait to experiment with them even more and I hope you will join me too!

Cat in the window painted with pastels from Craft Box for Procreate app.

Below is a brief video demonstrating some of the brushes at play so that you can get a closer idea of what's included!

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