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Ella is here!

A very happy Thursday to you. It feels monumentally surreal for Ella to be flying, out in the wild, on bookshelves near you! The UK publication of Ella's Night Lights is, of course, today. And I'll admit it is such a bittersweet moment for me. As England sets to go into another lockdown and bookshops everywhere will be closing their doors, It seems like a strange day to shout out about Ella.

I'll just be honest and say that I have no idea what I'm doing when trying to promote the book, and it stands in usual Lucy fashion, that I'll be very candid in my blog and not just paint everything rosy tinted. I never want anyone to be under any illusion that things are always super easy. I am incredibly grateful this day is finally here, it's been a long time in the making and a huge amount of patience. I am really proud of the book, whether or not it will be liked by 1 person or 100, so long as someone somewhere gets some joy from it, that's what it's all about.

However, this really does feel like this moment is tinged with sadness. A sadness that has underlined everything in 2020 and made it such a lonely year.

I usually spend bonfire night back in my hometown, in Kenilworth. And it brings into stark reality that I haven't visited since last November 5th. Because I now live in Manchester, I won't be celebrating with the people I love most, the people that have always nurtured and believed in me, my family.

So, whilst Ella's publication is career and life goal that I'm really proud of and is huge for me. This day has felt less of a roaring wave, and more of a quiet ripple. No cakes and sparklers, no shining shop windows, just me, a book and a cat as ever was before.

But, if Ella stands for anything, she stands for a light in the darkness, of hope in the long night and of kindness to others. So, here's my reminder to you all (and myself) to be extra kind to others and ourselves during this trying winter.

And if you do get the book, firstly thank you so much - your support means more than you'll ever know! So snuggle down with loved ones on a cold and dreary night and spend a moment with Ella, to remind ourselves that however dark the night, the dawn will rise again.

My love,


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