• Lucy Fleming

Marching In To 2022!

As we say hello to a new year it always feels like a chance to embrace optimism and make plans, big or small, for the coming months (and for life in general!).

3 things I have learned in 2021:

- Watching the news is not necessarily great for me. (Keeping up with the news is of course helpful at times, but actively avoiding reading and watching the news has made me slightly less anxious, so for the time being it's not in my daily routine.)

- It's OK to try to just survive day by day. Taking things one day at a time and not tackling all of the things I've wanted to became a must this Autumn/Winter. My health took several hits and I was running on critical battery for a long time. Even as I type this, I am cautious to tip-toe gently into the new year, to foster balance, let my body heal and to try to just do things when I have the capacity to do them (such as decorating the house).

- It's OK to experiment with your artwork, try new approaches and step outside your comfort zone, or even your usual style. Bring on the new challenges ahead! For example in the above picture I wanted to try create some gouache/painterly textures and strip away opaque layers. I had so much fun taking my time over this during the week between Christmas and NYE.

As for the things I want to focus on in 2022 and beyond (depending on how life/health/the world goes!)...

Wishing you a wonderful start to what will hopefully be a more peaceful year for us all.

Best wishes,


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