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Hello from my overflowing desk. November is flying by quicker than I can manage. Whilst I'm excited for a winter break, I'm also concerned about how much there is to do before I can settle in by the fireside. I love Autumn, and even though I get really excited about all things Christmas, I do feel sad that I've not soaked up and enjoyed all those cosy autumnal norms, long walks, crisp leaves and baking pastries. I have been working super hard this year, and a slower pace is calling!


My first update is regarding a shop drop I have been intending to do. I have ordered some items to do a giveaway and have also been making some cute, little clay Christmas gifts for family. If I have any left over, I was hoping to do a mini shop drop if anyone is interested in that sort of thing. I'm slightly concerned that the giveaway things may not arrive in time, and I may not be prepared for a mini winter shop drop this side of Christmas, which would be a shame!

Making little clay things has brought me peace and a creative zen this Autumn, and though I'm pretty sure nobody is particularly interested in them, it's definitely taken my mind of work woes.

Clay things!


You may Have Missed:

Ella's Night Lights in Waterstones

- Ella's Night Lights released in paperback edition on November 5th! 🎉

The German edition is also now finally available. (And I continue to hope more territories and languages will become available in future!)

- I released 2 all new Procreate Brush sets to sit alongside my Sketchbook pack. Paint Box include wet media brushes, and Craftbox are dry super textured brushes. (The Black Friday Sale runs until November 27th!)

- New artwork on my Instagram grid and stories - Although I've been lacking in confidence and burnt out I have been continuing to try to update my Instagram. I mainly post on stories. I'm not able to create artwork and post as regularly as I'd like due to my work commitments, but I'd love to urge you to turn on post notifications so you don't miss my sporadic art dumps! The algorithm has definitely taken a hit for my reach, so some of you may have missed some recent posts! I am also trying to post more smaller sketches and not just final finished artwork all the time (Because I was putting a lot of pressure on myself about 'Grid-worthy' artwork, and making the most perfect things all the time - which let's face it is not realistic, it's quite normal to have duds 🤣)


November Favourites:

- Procreate app. I have to mention it! It will probably be a favourite for quite some time, I just love working in the Procreate App, I am doing way more experimentation (Which, yes, means more duds, but also leads to progress in the end... or at least I hope!)

- Snow drops. It seems like every drawing I do right now has some teeny snow drops in for no reason.

- Blueberry muffins - my go to dessert at the moment is blueberry muffins with a side of fresh bloobs. Chef's kiss!

- Stath Lets Flats - how have I only just found this comedy series?! It's so hilarious, me and my boyfriend have binged the entire 3 seasons!

- Music wise, whenever it gets near Christmas I seem to connect to my Celtic roots, so anything folksy/celtic is on my Spotify list. And, I will watch anything medieval/victorian/edwardian. It will make me want to cook barley stew, drink mead and light real wood fires! 😆


I think every winter I have a bit of an 'existential crisis' (as I dramatically term it) and I reflect on the work I've done in the past, and what my aims for the future are. It comes down to one simple choice (that turns about to be incredibly difficult despite its simplicity) quality over quantity. I want to take more time over the work I'm producing, have time to explore more writing and skill development (I.e portfolio experimentation.) But, in order to do this, it does mean taking work selectively. Financially this may not be possible, but it would be great to try and take a slower pace of work for a while.

This year I have struggled with stress and as a result my physical health took a serious hit. I was quite seriously ill at the start of autumn. And no artwork or books should ever come with the added risk of permanent damage to my kidneys.

So on that cheery note, I hope you are all wrapping up warm, keeping cosy, and hunkering down to hibernate before the new year ahead. I sincerely hope next year will be slower and a more peaceful year. Sharing kindness with others seems more important now than ever before, so let's all keep an eye on our neighbours and loved ones and keep each other safe.

Happy hibernating,



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