• Lucy Fleming

Happy New Year 2021!

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

It feels odd to be saying Happy New Year in a year that has already had a rocky start. Wherever you're from, and whatever challenges you're facing though I really do hope this year will be a brighter one for you, and at least provide us all with some moments of peace and contentment.

That being said, right here, right now sleet and rain block out the sun and the reprieve of a cosy coffee shop corner is once again off the cards due to the lockdown measures, the news is blaring with tragedy and outrage which sometimes seems inescapable so it can be pretty difficult to find those strands of positivity. For me this also culminates in a lack of drive and creativity, I know this is a recurring theme for everybody and not just those in creative jobs -feeling a bit drained, tired and just overall unsure when the next thing to look forward to will be.

Struggling to shift the art block and trying to find enjoyment in the smallest things is the only thing I'm clinging to right now. A warm cup of soothing ginger tea, music and books that transport me somewhere else and flickering candles and somehow counting the things i'm lucky for. I wanted to share this moment with all those out there feeling similar. I know there are so many people dealing with so many things right now, but that doesn't take away from how drained we all have a right to feel. There are also always things going on in people's lives which aren't present on the internet, or that we don't feel like sharing and that take their toll irrespective of the collective malaise.

So, I suppose this is my reminder to you (and myself at the same time) to be kind to yourself, enjoy whatever it is that you can enjoy right now. Try not to be so hard on yourself if you don't come out of this situation feeling 'achieved', like you've picked up 10 new hobbies, written a book, or got 6 pack abs. It's ok just to try to make it day to day!

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