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Box Set is a Bundle collection of both Craft Box and Paint Box. Buy the two together in this bundle for a discounted price. Seperately these two sets are gorgeous, but mix the textures together? Some truly beautiful combinations come to life!


Included in the set are my all new dry media brush set and my paint and wet media brushes for Procreate (Version 5 and beyond). 


In this set are 27 Craft Box Brushes + A Pastel Canvas. 

And 27 Paint Box Brushes + Wonder Paper 


2x Procreate Workspaces: 


 - Pastel Paper is 30 cm x 40 cm -  A layered digital canvas that is adjustable and adds just the right amount of texture to really make your pastels pop!


- Wonder Paper is 30 cm x 40 cm -  A layered digital canvas that is adjustable and adds extra depth and contrast to your paints. It can also be used along side any brushes - try it out!


The 27 Craft Box Brushes -

1 Crayon

18 Pastel brushes - Including oil, wax, and chalk

6 Print Brushes - Including screen print.

1 Finger Smudge brush

1 Dust and Speckle brush


The 27 Paint Box Brushes -

9 Watercolour brushes

2 Ink brushes

3 Gouache paints 

5 Acrylic and Basic Paint brushes

3 Dry Paint Brushes

5 Oil Paints



This set will work on Procreate app and procreate pocket app only. Latest version always reccomended. You may use the artwork you make with these brushes for personal or commercial use, the brush maker claims no copyright on any work created using the brushes. The brushes may not be redistributed or otherwise altered. The settings are currently as the artist reccomends them for use but as always feel free to adjust the settings for personal use only. 

Craft + Paint Box Set - BUNDLE

  • Suitable for Procreate App for iPad. File comes as a .zip file. Double click the brush set to install into Procreate. 

  • Refer to the individual product page for a full list of the brushes in each set. Craft Box + Paint Box Bundle.

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