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Supplimentary Brush Set 


In celebration of the 1 year anniversary of my brush store - I have released this anniversary brush set made up of splashy, blendable inks - perfect for your watery experimentation or to mix in with your digital sketchbook!


Introducing Ink Box for Procreate (Version 5 and beyond). This is my tried and true ink bundle. Mix these into your art style to create layered texture within your work. All the brushes in this set are perfectly textured to mimic wet ink brushes, they'll work well with or without use of the included Ink Canvas workspace. 


In this set are 26 brushes + 1 Ink Canvas. 


The ink canvas is the perfect place to practice and perfect your ink game -  A layered digital canvas that is adjustable and adds extra texture to really make your inks pop!


The Brushes -

23 highly inky, blendable, wet ink brushes

3 Wet paper brushes to set up your canvas


 This set is perfect if you have always wanted to illustrate with wet media but also wanted the convenience of working digitally. 


Utilise blending modes such as 'Multiply' to layer and build authentic inky textures. 


If you've tried my brushes in the past you'll know that I'm a huge fan of experimental play, mixed media and not being too rigid with your creativity. I hope you'll enjoy this supplimentary set which accents my other brushes, including my iconic Sketchbook Brushes perfectly.


This set will work on Procreate app and procreate pocket app only. Latest version always reccomended. You may use the artwork you make with these brushes for personal or commercial use, the brush maker claims no copyright on any work created using the brushes. The brushes may not be redistributed or otherwise altered. The settings are currently as the artist reccomends them for use but as always feel free to adjust the settings for personal use only. 

Ink Box - Expansion Pack For Procreate

  • Suitable for Procreate App for iPad. File comes as a .zip file. Double click the brush set to install into Procreate. 

    • Ink Pen
    • Indian Ink Brush
    • Scrawl
    • Round Tip Ink
    • Pigmented Ink
    • Playful Brush
    • Wet Fire Bleed
    • Frankenthaler
    • Dulac Liner
    • Geiger Layer
    • Ink & Grain
    • Sweet Soft
    • Wet Mix
    • Mermaid
    • Spongey
    • Blend With Water
    • Jolly
    • Wild Inker
    • Illustrators Ink
    • Sandy
    • Cat Scratches
    • Water Marks
    • Water Blender
    • Wet Paper
    • Paper Plodge
    • Paper Blobs
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