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This brush set is for use on the Procreate iPad app only. The Pack contains 34 individually designed sketch book brushes including pencil style brushes, charcoal effect brushes, wet brushes as well as rough paint brushes. This is a complete set that can be used for fully fleshed out art pieces or is highly effective for turning your Procreate app into a Sketch book! You will also recieve 3 paper canvas textures that you can work on to help achieve a natural feel to your artwork. 


With this pack, create gorgeously textured artwork with a natural feel. Perfect for contemporary illustration. Layer the brushes with one another to create multifacited textures. Appropriate for hatching and mark making with buildability, as well as acheiving the imperfections and flaws similar to traditional media brushes. 


The Pack contains:


- 10 Pencil Brushes 

- 8 Chalk and Charcoals

- 6 Dry Brushes

- 10 Wet Brushes 

- 3 Canvas Textures (Roughly A4 in size)


Download/send the file to your iPad and double click the 'Sketch Book' file to import it directly into Procrete App brushes list. (Please make sure you have the Procreate app before purchasing these Brushes.)


To use the canvas textures simply import the files to Procreate or drop them into your current canvas, re-size and adjust the opacity as desired.


Most importantly have fun experimenting with the brushes! They're currently set up perfectly for the way that I like to paint and these settings are recommended, however you may enjoy playing around with their sizes or tweaking their settings.


This Brush Set is not for re-sale or redistribution of any kind. Artwork made using using these brushes belongs to the individual and the brush maker claims no ownership or copyright of works made using these brushes. The brushes can be used for commercial or personal work


Sketch Book - Procreate Brush Pack

  • Suitable for Procreate App for iPad. File comes as a .zip file. Double click the brush set to install into Procreate. 


    • HB Pencil
    • 2B Pencil
    • Colur Crayon
    • Soft Pencil
    • Pencil Softy
    • Soft Pencil Shader
    • Rough Pencil
    • Soft Shading Pencil
    • Ink Buildable
    • Pencil Shader
    • Wet Chalk
    • Charcoal Stick
    • Charcoal Round
    • Charcoal Smudged
    • Charcoal Smooth
    • The Smoothest
    • Rough Pencil 2
    • Charcoal Smol
    • Wet Charcoal
    • Canvas Painter
    • Soft Graphite
    • Waxy Brush
    • Dry Felt Tip
    • Uneven Shader
    • Grunge Paint
    • Chunky Shader
    • Felt Tip Bleed
    • Rough Dry Brush
    • Wet Buildable
    • Water + Ink
    • Soft Splodge Brush
    • Water Wash
    • Canvas Painter 2
    • Ink Brush
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